"A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires."
—Hedy Lamarr

About the manheim Gallery

Patt Manheim came to Arizona in the early 1960s to study and work as an artist. As a graduate of ASU, she taught art in public schools in Phoenix and Scottsdale while studying Udinotti, developing her own work and showing in several galleries.

Patt ManheimBut then she changed direction.

Patt returned to New York where she owned a gallery and then moved on to complete a doctorate at Cornell University. She became a university professor and enjoyed a full career as an educator and as a national and international consultant. When she retired from academe in 2005, Patt returned to her beloved Arizona with some thought of renewing her artistic self. But this too has taken an unexpected direction... She saw the building and her studio space became the gallery.

"When I first saw the beautiful stone and brick building evocative of a Frank Lloyd Wright design, I knew I had found the location for THE MANHEIM".

Welcome to the manheim

A Surprising little gallery of exceptionally fine artists.

The Manheim Gallery is located in Old Town Cottonwood Arizona, in the heart of the Verde Valley. The Manheim Gallery is becoming a mecca for fine art in the atmosphere of small-town America.

We invite you to take our virtual tour and explore the exciting work of our featured artists.

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Wednesday - Saturday
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Other times by appointment


Front of the Manheim Gallery

Flooded with light entering through the floor to ceiling windows in the Great Room, the warmth of brick in another and other, small intimate spaces, it is wonderful space for the works of fine art by emerging and established contemporary artists. Working in the Southwest and throughout the United States, their offerings represent a mix of media—watercolors, oils, ceramics and sculptures in bronze and other materials.

The space draws you from one room to another, and in each room there is something new to discover.

THE MANHEIM was voted "Best Gallery" in the 2016 Kudo's "Reader's Choice Awards"!

Read a great article about The Manheim Gallery in Sedona Monthly

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